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RU, or as he’s known in the writers’ room: the cute one, is relatively unappreciated in his time.  RU’s YouTube show, RUviews is watched by literally multiple people every month and his Outhouse articles have helped line many a bird cage.  Before you send RU a message, he knows that there are misspelled words in this article, and probably in this bio he was asked to write.  RU wants everyone to know that after 25+ years of collecting he still loves comic books and can’t believe how seriously fanboys take them.  RU lives in Akron Ohio (unfortunately) with WIFE, ‘lilRuRu, and the @DogGodThor.  You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, & even Google+ (if anyone still uses that).



Irrational Fanboy: Remender has been fired off of Uncanny X-Force!

Everyone Else: *rolls eyes*

DC Is Classy With A “K”

In a move that shocked even our sense of right and wrong, DC Comics can't give Joe Kubert even 100 words.

RUviews - Trade Wait Episode Volume 4

Hello there internet people, its your good buddy RU, here to discuss the recent trades he has read, and its not because he is too lazy to keep up with his single issues. Nope, not at...

Ed Brubaker Endorses Marvel’s $3.99 Price Point

Who's Marvel's good little (alleged) lackey...?

Recently Unearthed Images Shows That George Perez Borrowed From Dr. Who

Was George Perez's cover to Crisis On Infinite Earths #7 an homage to Dr. Who?

Dear Marvel: Stephen Wacker And Cullen Bunn Like Us And So Should You

Marvel great Stephen Wacker and rising superstar writer Cullen Bunn launch a Twitter campaign for the Outhouse to get more access to the House of Ideas.

Thousands Of Africans Die Of Starvation To Feed Mcfarlane's Ego

Over 600,000 American dollars spent on a cover to a comic book. Six Hundred Thousand Dollars on a comic book cover!

RUViews: RU Has A Happy...Stack

RU is here to talk comics, and be totally happy about it!  No, really, he liked all of his books this time!

Angel & Faith vol.