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A proud member of NBCUniversal's and A+E Television Networks’ Digital Media Teams, Nightfly routinely interviews producers, creators and stars of various network programs and films with a concentrated emphasis on the Syfy channel. Formally educated in Communications, Computer Science and Music, his résumé reflects more than a decade broadcasting in the fields of television and radio. With pieces routinely published at ScreenFad and Press Pass L.A., his primary areas of interest include TV, film, music, web series, comic books, fashion, pen 'n paper RPG gaming as well as various other pop-culture topics. An avid Twitter user, Nightfly supports the arts, the entertainment community, numerous charities and crowdfunding projects through his journalistic netizenship and non-partisan, multicultural-centric activism.

Interview: Chloe Dykstra & Michele Morrow Discuss BiteSizeTV's Chaotic Awesome

Chaotic Awesome hosts Michele Morrow & Chloe Dykstra tell The Outhouse about their live weekly show, their shared love of gaming, tease upcoming projects and more.

Real Fear 2 Debuts on Chiller Tonight (9/6)

Uncover the roots of Hollywood horror in the world premiere of Chiller TV's Real Fear 2, tonight @ 9/8c

Chiller 13: Great American Slashers Debuts Tonight

Tonight the Chiller network counts down America's 13 Greatest Slashers in horror.

Syfy Tonight: Chupacabra vs. The Alamo

Syfy's most dangerous night of television serves up another beastly horror flick, this time starring Erik Estrada on a motorcycle.

Super Knocked Up Q&A with Jeff Burns and Jourdan Gibson

Super Knocked Up's creator and lead actress reunite with Nightfly to answer questions about newly launched Season 2.

Katheryn Winnick Q&A for Vikings on History Channel

Nightfly recently questioned Katheryn Winnick about tonight's series premiere of Vikings on the History Channel airing @ 10/9c.

Syfy Tonight: End of the World @ 9pm

Syf's Most Dangerous Night of Television debuts disaster flick, End of the World, tonight @ 9pm.

Syfy Tonight: Face Off Season Premiere @ 9/8c

A new crop of special effects make-up artists join host McKenzie Westmore on the fourth season premiere of Syfy's Face Off tonight (1/15).

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/16/2012?

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TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/15/2012?

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