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A proud member of NBCUniversal's and A+E Television Networks’ Digital Media Teams, Nightfly routinely interviews producers, creators and stars of various network programs and films with a concentrated emphasis on the Syfy channel. Formally educated in Communications, Computer Science and Music, his résumé reflects more than a decade broadcasting in the fields of television and radio. With pieces routinely published at ScreenFad and Press Pass L.A., his primary areas of interest include TV, film, music, web series, comic books, fashion, pen 'n paper RPG gaming as well as various other pop-culture topics. An avid Twitter user, Nightfly supports the arts, the entertainment community, numerous charities and crowdfunding projects through his journalistic netizenship and non-partisan, multicultural-centric activism.

TWD: Season Three Premieres Tonight on AMC

Prepare for tonight's return of The Walking Dead by checking out AMC's Ten Ways to Get Ready for Season Three's Premiere.

American Horror House: Morgan Fairchild Q&A w/ Nightfly

Screen icon Morgan Fairchild talks about tonight's Syfy original movie, Stan Lee's Comikaze and more.

Syfy's 12th Day of Halloween: Dead Souls

Tonight, Syfy presents the frightening premiere of Chiller's latest original movie, Dead Souls.

Primeval: New World Coming to Syfy in 2013

UK hit Primeval spawns a new next-generation spin-off coming to Syfy (by way of Canada) next year.

Warehouse 13: Early Review of Tonight's Midseason Finale

Nightfly shares his (spoiler free) thoughts about tonight's epic Warehouse 13 midseason finale episode, "We All Fall Down."

Jourdan Gibson Interview About Super Knocked Up: Season 2

SKU's new Darkstar (Jourdan Gibson) dishes about her career, the series' upcoming 2nd season and its funtastic IndieGoGo campaign.

Review: Spike - A Dark Place #2

Spike unwillingly returns home as the prisoner of the Sturgeon and meets a sexy Succubus in what was once Sunnydale in A Dark Place, Pt.2!

Haven: Q&A w/ Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant & Eric Balfour about Season Three

Syfy stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant & Eric Balfour discuss Haven's Season Three, their characters and joining Fall's primetime line-up.

Review: Ghost #0

Review of Kelly Sue DeConnick & Phil Noto's transcendental Ghost #0 from Dark Horse [Spoiler Free]

Alphas: Warren Christie Q&A about "Falling"

Alphas' marksman Warren Christie (a.k.a. Agent Cameron Hicks) discusses tonight's turning-point episode, guest stars, and the second half of Season Two.