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Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe is the host of The Why I Love Comics podcast, as well as the writer of the long running and award winning webcomic New Comic Day! When not interviewing the biggest names in geek culture, Eric writes the occasional column about something he is enjoying or informing people about webseries, podcasts, gadgets or many other cool things. You can also find Eric on Email/twitter/facebook/youtube/steam/x-box live and many other social media avenues on the internet. 


Conversations with yourself: Mass Effect 3 hands on at NYCC

In this edition, Eric talks about getting his hands on Mass Effect 3 at New York Comic Con and first impressions of the end of one of his favorite gaming series ever.

Why I Love Comics #57: Technology hates us!

In episode #57 of the podcast, Eric brings back the round table for the first...

Why I Love Comics #56: One More thing! With John Rogers

In episode #56 of the Why I Love Comics podcast, I am joined by Executive...

Conversations With Yourself: A double shot of Greg Pak!

In this edition of the column, Eric talks about two books from acclaimed Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak, including Dead Man's Run #0 and Vision Machine!

Why I Love Comics #55: New York Comic Con

In this edition of the podcast we go to a convention...New York Comic Con to...

Why I Love Comics - Episode #53: It's not easy being Green....Wake with Kurtis Wiebe

Yeah I know the title is a really lame pun, but I was having fun...

Why I Love Comics - Episode #52: A Demon, A Swamp Creature and A Nice Girl

Our host with the most returns for the 52nd episode of the podcast and is...

Why I Love Comics - Episode #51: The Variants with Richard Neal

Episode #51 has our hero joined by friend and web series creator/comic book retailer Richard...

Conversations with yourself: The zero issue

Eric Ratcliffe brings back the return of his long missing column starting at the very beginning!