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Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe is the host of The Why I Love Comics podcast, as well as the writer of the long running and award winning webcomic New Comic Day! When not interviewing the biggest names in geek culture, Eric writes the occasional column about something he is enjoying or informing people about webseries, podcasts, gadgets or many other cool things. You can also find Eric on Email/twitter/facebook/youtube/steam/x-box live and many other social media avenues on the internet. 


Conversations with yourself #6: the Hack/Slash edition

Thats right ladies and gentleman, I got to ask questions to one of the best horror writers in comics. Tim Seeley took time out of his busy schedule to talk about having the flagship title of DDP,...

Conversations with yourself #5: The nerdcore edition

Read on hemophiliacs as I interview one of the biggest names in nerdcore: Shael Riley. Everything from his extremely popular OC video game remixes to his new project, the grammar club, is discussed.

Conversations with yourself #4: Breaking the mold

This week I interview creator Jason M. Burns of Viper comics. Who is responsible for Dunny's guide to danger, the expendable one, borderland, the sleepy truth and the underworld railroad. We...

Conversations with yourself #3: Attack of the con

Ugh why do I have to attempt bad puns, anyways this week is all about New York comic con 08! April 18th through the 20th at the Javitz center. I have a possible exlusive or two to reveal and just...

Conversations with yourself #2

Join me as I discuss event books, last week's highlights and nothing else head's killing me.

Conversations with Yourself #1

Welcome to the new column Hemophiliacs (can I use that jon? It feels good to use that.) It only took me half a year to start putting this thing back together but hey, with the relaunch I figured its...