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Marvel Reveals A New Hero With Cochlear Implants

A Marvel Team-Up with The Children’s Hearing Institute.

Your Friday Doctor Strange Movie Lead Rumor Roundup

Some returning names, some new ones, and a former contender possibly in a different comic movie role.

Movie Review: Kikaider Reboot

70s Japanese television series… er… rebooted for the 21st Century.

Scarlett Johansson Offered Role In Live-Action Ghost In The Shell?

From Russian spy to Japanese cyborg squad leader?

Star Wars Comics Get The Young Treatment

Star Wars characters appear youthful on these Skottie Young variant covers.

Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art Leak?

Real or Jedi mind trick? **Possible Spoilers**

Get A Taste Of Disney's New Short, 'Feast'

Meet the hungry little pup Winston.