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Sdsichero is Asian and he likes anime. He should write more articles.






Watch Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., See The Avengers 2 Trailer!

Will this help the ratings-starved series?

Can Paul Rudd Save The Ant-Man Movie?!

Sounds like he is doing his best…

Disney's Moana Arriving A Bit Earlier Than Anticipated

The tradewinds must have been good.

Marvel Reveals A New Hero With Cochlear Implants

A Marvel Team-Up with The Children’s Hearing Institute.

Your Friday Doctor Strange Movie Lead Rumor Roundup

Some returning names, some new ones, and a former contender possibly in a different comic movie role.

Movie Review: Kikaider Reboot

70s Japanese television series… er… rebooted for the 21st Century.