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Sdsichero is Asian and he likes anime. He should write more articles.






Skylanders Adds A New Physical Gimmick: Comics

Something else Skylanders parents can buy for their kids (or for themselves)!

Tatum Confirmed As Gambit! Solo Movie In The Cards?

No word yet how much of a costume he will wear.

WB Laying The Bedrock For A New Flintstones Animated Film

Hopefully it won't be yabba dabba doo doo.

Full Star Wars Rebels Trailer Now Online

May the Fourth be with you!

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Unmasked!

aka. Disney Infinity 2.0 the Next Generation

Fox Thinking About Its Marvel-verse Appearing On TV

Simon Kinberg thinks it makes sense.

The Star Wars Universe Enters A More Unified Age

As if millions of words were written, and were suddenly silenced.