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Sdsichero is Asian and he likes anime. He should write more articles.






E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event

Nintendo streams their presentation directly to you.

E3 2014: EA Teases Star Wars Battlefront

A forest moon and a planet that certainly shows off their Frostbite engine.

E3 2014: Microsoft Global Media Briefing

Will Microsoft's new console benefit from the Halo effect?

A New Astro Boy Animated Series In The Works?

It looks like it might be a reboot.

Something Bubbling Up In The Future For Pacific Rim?

del Toro is said to be working on a script…

Reed Says Yes Man To Ant-Man

Can this director bring it on?

Who Will Play Doctor Strange?

The early rumors certainly are strange.

More Potential Ant-Man Directors Come Crawling Out Of The (Holly)Woodwork

Also some comments from Michael Douglas about this whole mess.

Begun, The New Star Wars Canon Has

An inside(r) source tells the tale…