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Sdsichero is Asian and he likes anime. He should write more articles.






See The Captain America: The Winter Soldier Pre-tease

We got'cher ten seconds right here!

Movie Advice: Stay Til The End Of Thor: The Dark World

Rumor has it that it will be less like Iron Man 3 and more like Avengers.

The Future Of Star Wars Includes Darth Vader TV Specials?

Many Bouthans blogged to bring us this information.

Lou Scheimer Passes Away

We lose another of the founders of Filmation.

Another All-New Marvel Teaser NOW!

A new teaser... or did we just ms one?

Review: Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises"

Flights of fancy...

NYCC: More Deadpool As He Faces The Gauntlet

Marvel knows you want more Deadpool, so he will be going Infinite.

NYCC: Dynamite Brings Chaos!

Resurrecting the horror of 90s...