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Spy Hunter Movie Gets An Extra Life

Movie based on the Spy Hunter arcade game gets a new director attached to it.

A Ghostbusters Remake?

With all the problems surrounding a Ghostbusters sequel, Ivan Reitman puts that option on the table.

Nic Klein On Winter Soldier

Artist Nic Klein has been recruited to join the Winter Soldier creative team.

Things Get Heavy In Marvel NOW! Iron Man

New armor and old villains are coming in Marvel NOW! Iron Man.

Castlevania Movie Confirmed

So says Michael Dorn, cast member in the movie.

High Fives All Around In Marvel Sneak Peeks

Looks like Marvel is liking the high five today, as shown in their sneak peeks for Point One Ant-Man and Uncanny Avengers.

Marvel NOW! Variant Covers And Others

Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel revealed some variant covers for upcoming Marvel NOW! and non-Marvel NOW! titles.

Nintendo Wii U Priced And Dated

Nintendo's Wii U gaming console has been given two prices and a release date -- for Japan. UPDATED with USA and Europe information.

Rogers Forgets To Get His Hair Cut In Captain America #2

Marvel gave readers a peek at Captain America #2, and it looks like it only took two months before Cap let himself go.

Fantastic Four #2 And FF #2 First Look

Descriptions and covers for Fantastic Four #2 and FF #2 are now available for your viewing.