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Sdsichero is Asian and he likes anime. He should write more articles.






Danger Mouse Returns

Amazing! Astounding! It's only been 23 years…

Take a (Uber) Ride Ride Ride On Optimus Prime

Millions of years as Autobot leader and it comes to this.

See The New Guardians Of The Galaxy International Trailer

Can't wait for the intergalactic trailer!

Disney's Big Hero 6 Character Designs Revealed

Aaaand they don't look like the comic version. Wah wah waaaah.

Confirmed: Sony Producing A Sonic The Hedgehog… Movie

Will Sony once again see green with blue?

E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event

Nintendo streams their presentation directly to you.

E3 2014: EA Teases Star Wars Battlefront

A forest moon and a planet that certainly shows off their Frostbite engine.