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Royal Nonesuch

As Senior Media Correspondent (which may be a made-up title), Royal Nonesuch tends to spearhead a lot of film and television content on The Outhouse. He's still a very active participant in the comic book section of the site, though. Nonesuch writes reviews of film, television, and comics, and conducts interviews for the site as well.  You can reach out to him on Twitter or with Email.


Sons of Anarchy Season 4: "Family Recipe"

This is what it looks like when things go from bad to worse, and a line is crossed. 

Outhouse Roundtable: At The End...

The Nerds of the Roundtable can be a bunch of vicious jerks who take great joy in the deaths of characters.  Here are some of their favorite death scenes!

The Walking Dead Season 2: "Bloodletting"

As Carl lies dying, it looks like our intrepid band of survivors will be growing in number.

Film Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

The gripping drama (and festival favorite) has opened in New York and Los Angeles!

NYCC: Interview with Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert

The masterminds behind Boom! Studios' new Key of Z talk to The Outhouse about their new zombie series!

Sons of Anarchy Season 4: "Fruit for the Crows"

If you want something done, just hold someone else's feet to the fire.

Review: Xenoholics #1

Alien abductions and the people who love them.  It's the debut of a brand new series published by Image Comics!

NYCC: Interview with Cliff Chiang

The Wonder Woman penciller recently spoke to the The Outhouse on the floor of New York Comic-Con!

The Walking Dead Season 2: "What Lies Ahead"

The creepy crawly AMC hit, based on the comic book series, returns for its second season!

Review: Orchid #1

Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist enters the world of comic book writing with Dark Horse's Orchid!