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Royal Nonesuch

As Senior Media Correspondent (which may be a made-up title), Royal Nonesuch tends to spearhead a lot of film and television content on The Outhouse. He's still a very active participant in the comic book section of the site, though. Nonesuch writes reviews of film, television, and comics, and conducts interviews for the site as well.  You can reach out to him on Twitter or with Email.


Breaking Bad Season 4: "Crawl Space"

In which, and excuse us for saying it this way, the shit hits the fan. 

Outhouse Roundtable: In the Beginning...

Every comic character had to come from somewhere.  Here are some of our favorite origin stories in comics!

Royal Reviews: Habibi

The epic graphic novel by Craig Thompson is finally here!

Sons of Anarchy Season 4: "Dorylus"

With the club as fractured as it's ever been, Clay seems to be going off the deep end!

Royal Reviews: Near Death #1

A thrilling new comic debuts at Image Comics!

Breaking Bad Season 4: "Salud"

The story of two men going in two different directions. 

Royal Reviews: Optic Nerve #12

Cartoonist extraordinaire Adrian Tomine finally returns with a brand new issue of his famed comic series Optic Nerve!

Royal Reviews: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

It's a new ongoing series featuring the much talked-about new Spider-Man.

Sons of Anarchy Season 4: "Booster"

Is this the end of SAMCRO as we know it?  Also: Danny Trejo.

Royal Reviews: Pigs #1

The new series Pigs, published by Image, takes us into a world where the Cold War never ended - and is in fact about to turn hot!