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Royal Nonesuch

As Senior Media Correspondent (which may be a made-up title), Royal Nonesuch tends to spearhead a lot of film and television content on The Outhouse. He's still a very active participant in the comic book section of the site, though. Nonesuch writes reviews of film, television, and comics, and conducts interviews for the site as well.  You can reach out to him on Twitter or with Email.


Breaking Bad Season 4: "Open House" and "Bullet Points"

The Outhouse makes up for lost time by reviewing the two latest episodes of the AMC drama, as we look at how these characters try, or don't try, to escape from their lot in life.

Royal Reviews: Rachel Rising #1

Writer/Artist Terry Moore has started up another new series, and this time, he goes the horror route!

Royal Reviews: Mystic #1

The Crossgen revival continues to roll out at Marvel with a new Mystic #1 by G. Willow Wilson and David López!

Character Spotlight: Concrete

The Outhouse spotlights one of the more offbeat characters in all of comics: Paul Chadwick's Concrete!

The Outhouse Interview: Greg Rucka

The Eisner Award-Winning writer takes a seat in The Outhouse to talk about the new Punisher #1, as well as his first foray into the world of webcomics!

Royal Reviews: Marksmen #1

A brand new, high energy series debuts from Image, and speculates about the country's future. 

Breaking Bad Season 4: Thirty-Eight Snub

The fallout from the gruesome ending to last week's episode starts here!  See how Walt and Jesse deal with witnessing what Gus is really capable of.

Breaking Bad Season Four: "Box Cutter"

The new season of the critically-acclaimed AMC drama has started, and we have your recap right here!

Royal Reviews: Witch Doctor #1

A brand new comic by two brand new creators debuts from a brand new imprint of Image Comics!

A View to THE KILLING: "Orpheus Descending"

The first season finale of The Killing has come and gone, and it reminds us of where it all started in some ways, while in other ways shows us just how much potential was squandered.