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Royal Nonesuch

As Senior Media Correspondent (which may be a made-up title), Royal Nonesuch tends to spearhead a lot of film and television content on The Outhouse. He's still a very active participant in the comic book section of the site, though. Nonesuch writes reviews of film, television, and comics, and conducts interviews for the site as well.  You can reach out to him on Twitter or with Email.


Watch the First Two Episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

The web-only prequel to Battlestar Galactica (that isn't that other prequel to Battlestar Galactica) starts today!

Buy Some Comic Book Art and Help the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Check out these eBay auctions and help the victims of Hurricane Sandy!

Top Shelf Announces August Moon and Upside Down: A Vampire Tale!

Two new releases for younger readers, plus some new printings of modern classics!

Trailer: The Grandmasters

Kung fu flick by Wong Kar-Wai. There is nothing else we need to say.

NYCC: Interview with Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman hate every ape they see, from chimpan-A to chimpanzee.

NYCC: Interview with Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert

The creative minds behind Evil Ink Comics talked to The Outhouse about all things Evil Ink.

Image announces the Multiple Warheads Four-City Tour!

Brandon Graham is taking his new comic, Multiple Warheads, on the road!

Sons of Anarchy: "Toad's Wild Ride"

Getting picked up in a bar by Joel McHale might just be worth him stealing your wallet and car.

Quantum & Woody Coming to ComiXology!

The cult classic comic is going digital, courtesy of Valiant!

NYCC: Interview with Joe Caramagna

The prolific Marvel Comics letterer Gets His Mustache On, and tells us about his new comic book, The Further Travels of Wyatt Earp!