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Before you ask, no, Dr. Improbable is not that kind of doctor, and will not be diagnosing your genital warts today. Seriously, put it away. The doc does more of the "mad science" brand of doctoring, though one day hopes to be that "time and space traveling" kind of doctor. In the meantime, Doc passes time cloning things, memorizing acronyms, and using large magnets. When not plotting all the terrible ways to destroy the human race (particularly those found on public transportation), the doc kills time by watching television and making sarcastic commentary on it.


Supernatural- Reichenbach

"It's just a car" is blasphemy in the Supernatural Universe

Supernatural- Black

The Winchesters are about ten years too old to be on the CW, but Supernatural keeps on truckin'

Game of Thrones- The Children

Happy Father's Day from the Lannisters!

Game of Thrones- The Watchers on the Wall

A wall hasn't gotten this much attention since 1989

Game of Thrones- The Mountain and the Viper

Because I have to: "Fuck the Kings"

Supernatural- Do You Believe in Miracles

Alternative Title: The God Delusion

Game of Thrones- Mockingbird

The trick is the gravy. You want a good gravy, and not enough people devote attention to the gravy.

Supernatural- Stairway to Heaven

There is no God, only Castiel

Game of Thrones- The Laws of Gods and Men

Happy Mother's Day from Daenerys, mother of dragons.

Game of Thrones- First of His Name

Game of Thrones: Now with 150% more Wu Tang!