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Before you ask, no, Dr. Improbable is not that kind of doctor, and will not be diagnosing your genital warts today. Seriously, put it away. The doc does more of the "mad science" brand of doctoring, though one day hopes to be that "time and space traveling" kind of doctor. In the meantime, Doc passes time cloning things, memorizing acronyms, and using large magnets. When not plotting all the terrible ways to destroy the human race (particularly those found on public transportation), the doc kills time by watching television and making sarcastic commentary on it.


Revolution: "Soul Train"

I seriously hate whoever names these episodes

Revolution- The Plague Dogs

Can we please put someone else in charge of episode titles?

Revolution- No Quarter

Three episodes in and this show still makes sense! Well, as much sense as it's going to, anyway.

Doctor Who- The Angels Take Manhattan

I'm never going to be able to look at statues in the park the same way again

Revolution: "Chained Heat"

Don't let the terrible episode title fool you, I promise it's not that bad.

Doctor Who- The Power of Three

Please take out your TI-89s, we're going to practice multi-dimensional cubic functions

Doctor Who- Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The episode title is pretty transparent here.

Revolution- Pilot

Another day, another JJ Abrams-approved show for me to meticulously deconstruct

Doctor Who- Asylum of the Daleks

If you're having problems with your radio reception, please call your friendly neighbourhood archnemesis

Game of Thrones- Valar Morghulis

Don't worry guys, only ten months before we get to find out what happened to everyone.