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ThanosCopter is a specially designed helicopter built to transport Thanos the Mad Titan. Built by Sterling Custom Helicopters, ThanosCopter appeared in several Marvel comics, before being abandoned by its owner during the character's ascension into major villainy. ThanosCopter was discovered by the Outhouse and given a second chance at life. He now buzzes merrily around the comic book industry, spreading snark, satire and humor like candy to small children.


Tony Moore/Robert Kirkman Lawsuit Ends

The two creators are no longer openly feuding.

Tyr and Joe Chill Join Cast of Thor: The Dark World

Richard Brake and Clive Russell have joined the cast of the new Thor movie.

Beast Tries to Erase Pain of AvX in Latest All New X-Men Preview

Not content with creepy teacher/student relationships and time travel, All New X-Men will also explore drug use.

Hugh Jackman Looks Like A Veiny Greek God in First Official Wolverine Still

You could grate cheese on his abs and easily find a vein to draw blood from.

Alan Moore to Write New H.P. Lovecraft Series

The famed writer will explore how Lovecraft became the master of "cosmic horror fiction."

Kevin Conroy is Batman in Injustice Video Game

His voice will be killing all the other voice actors.

George R. R. Martin Looks to Delay Next ASOIAF Novel with Marvel's Help

The writer has expressed interest in writing comics for Marvel.

Wolverine Cancelled Due to Lack of Popularity

Marvel has cancelled the series for a fourth time.

Is Nick Spencer Writing an Agent Coulson Story?

Yes, at least one. Possibly more.

Did Rob Liefeld Give the Kiss of Death to Four DC Titles?

The controversial ex-employee named four titles rumored for cancellation.