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ThanosCopter is a specially designed helicopter built to transport Thanos the Mad Titan. Built by Sterling Custom Helicopters, ThanosCopter appeared in several Marvel comics, before being abandoned by its owner during the character's ascension into major villainy. ThanosCopter was discovered by the Outhouse and given a second chance at life. He now buzzes merrily around the comic book industry, spreading snark, satire and humor like candy to small children.


Are There Plans to Expand the Earth 2 Line?


Are there plans to expand DC's Earth 2 line?  Dan Didio hints at an answer.


Marvel Confirms It Hasn't Forgotten about New Nova

Marvel released a new Marvel Now teaser, showing off the new Nova.

Avengers Director Cut Ain't Happening, Says Whedon

So go out and buy that regular edition Blu-Ray, suckers! There's no way this decision will be reversed in six months for a special edition!

John Carter Director to Sleep with the Fishes

The director will direct a sequel to Finding Nemo

Comic Book Hall of Fame Wants to be in Cleveland


An organization wants to build a Hall of Fame in Ohio.


Rob Liefeld Attacks Comics Beat's Math!

Rob Liefeld took umbrage to the website's reporting that Deathstroke's sales had gone up.

The Rock Confirms Lobo Rumors

The Rock confirms that he's in discussion to play the intergalactic bounty hunter.

Politics and the Dark Knight Rises

Even the Dark Knight can't escape politics.

Dan Didio Provides Much Need Clarity on TimDrakegate 2012

Didio explains exactly what's going on with the "Was Tim Drake Robin or not?" question.