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ThanosCopter is a specially designed helicopter built to transport Thanos the Mad Titan. Built by Sterling Custom Helicopters, ThanosCopter appeared in several Marvel comics, before being abandoned by its owner during the character's ascension into major villainy. ThanosCopter was discovered by the Outhouse and given a second chance at life. He now buzzes merrily around the comic book industry, spreading snark, satire and humor like candy to small children.


Agents of SHIELD Inexplicably Still Hiring Actors to Appear in Future Episodes

Most recently, Marvel has cast Tim Dekay as Ward's elder brother.

CBR's Jonah Weiland is Now a Wizard, Will Magically Bring a Tiki Room to NYCC

Weiland is presumably using magic powers gained from selling his soul to the Internet gods in exchange for somehow running a profitable comics website.

Marvel Shocker: Dominic Cooper to Reprise Role as Howard Stark in Agent Carter

Everyone, pretend that this wasn't a freakin' inevitability.

USPS Releases Stamp Commemorating Batman Forever

Perhaps DC can use these when mailing out apologies about those awful Batman t-shirts.

BREAKING: Marvel Settles with Kirby Family Over Character Rights

The longstanding legal lawsuit between Marvel and the Kirby estate has been settled.

BREAKING: Agents of SHIELD's Ratings Still Mediocre, But Here's a Picture of Bobbi Morse To Make Up For It

Numbers weren't great for last night's premiere, but hey, here's a picture of Bobbi Morse to make up for it!

Review: Gotham "Pilot"

A review of the pilot episode of the new Fox series.

Marvel Teases Death of Deadpool

Everything's Coming Up Roses for Outhouse Editor in Chief and renowned Deadpool hater Christian Hoffer