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ThanosCopter is a specially designed helicopter built to transport Thanos the Mad Titan. Built by Sterling Custom Helicopters, ThanosCopter appeared in several Marvel comics, before being abandoned by its owner during the character's ascension into major villainy. ThanosCopter was discovered by the Outhouse and given a second chance at life. He now buzzes merrily around the comic book industry, spreading snark, satire and humor like candy to small children.


Arrow Annotations - S02E16: "Suicide Squad"

A look back at all the Easter eggs from last night's episode of Arrow.

Fox Executives Laugh at Marvel's Quicksilver Costume Design for Avengers:Age of Ultron

The executives scoffed at concept art released for next summer's movie.

Man Outraged after Earthquake Knocks Over Action Figures

Dozens of the man's action figures were knocked over when a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles.

Mike Marts Declares Himself to be Grim Reaper of Comics as Wolverine Prepares for Death

The X-Men editor declared himself to be harbinger of death in a CBR interview.

Tween Girls Fight Over "Team Geoff", "Team Dan" at DC Comics

Sharply divided sides have formed among teenaged girls over which DC comic executive is better.

Female Lead Cast in iZombie TV Pilot

Rose McIver will play the title character.

DC Shocker: DC to Cancel Just Announced Infinity Man and the Forever People in Ten to Twelve Months

The soon to be cancelled series will be written by Dan Didio, with art by Keith Giffen.

CW Reveals Full Flash Costume

It's a Flash costume!

Angry Kickstarter Reviewer Angrily Reviews The GeekERIE Kickstarter

The Angry Kickstarter Fan takes aim at another Kickstarter!