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ThanosCopter is a specially designed helicopter built to transport Thanos the Mad Titan. Built by Sterling Custom Helicopters, ThanosCopter appeared in several Marvel comics, before being abandoned by its owner during the character's ascension into major villainy. ThanosCopter was discovered by the Outhouse and given a second chance at life. He now buzzes merrily around the comic book industry, spreading snark, satire and humor like candy to small children.


ICYMI: Trinity War to Be Six Issue Crossover

DC announced that the event will be a three book crossover between the three Justice League titles.

DC Brings Another Robin Into the Fold (No, It's Not Stephanie)

The character makes her first official New 52 appearance in next week's Batman and Robin #19.

RIP Carmine Infantino

The legendary creator and executive has passed away.

Arrow Annotations - "Unfinished Business"

A look at easter eggs from the last episode of Arrow.

Review: All New X-Men #10

A review of the new X-Men issue.

Robert Redford to Play Head of SHIELD in Cap 2

The actor confirmed that he'd be playing Sam Jackson's boss in the next movie.

Marvel to Use Unnecessarily Wordy Titles to Cut Down on Cover Costs

The comic publisher hopes to reduce the cost of cover art by filling half the page with book titles.

Marvel Announces "Superior Foes of Spider-Man" Ongoing

The ongoing will be written by Nick Spencer, with art by Steve Lieber.

Michael Chabon to Write "Casanova" Backups

The novelist will be working on the next volume of Matt Fraction's indie comic.