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Arion, who is either from Chile or New York (it’s not really clear) writes a blog that the Outhouse steals on a regular basis.  Arion is by far the nicest of all the staff writers and the most well behaved only having been banned from one country.  One thing we really appreciate about Aroin is that he writes his reviews in English and Spanish and we hope someday he’ll translate this blurb for us.  We’re not so good at languages, just look at how well we write in English if you need proof.  You should bookmark Arion’s blog - – and actually look at it.  There will be a quiz at the end of every month.


A.D.D. Adolescent Demo Division - Douglas Rushkoff Goran Sudžuka

The Adolescent Demo Division is what every teenager dreams about: no responsibilities, no commitments, 24/7 online gaming and free stuff, courtesy of America’s biggest corporation. The A.D.D. is...

June films / películas de junio

With fewer posts each month, and even fewer movies some of you might be slightly concerned. But I say thee: fear not, my dear followers, for I shall bring forth films a plenty next we meet....

Witch Doctor Mal Practice # 6 - Brandon Seifert Lukas Ketner

I knew we wouldn’t get the typical outcome in this, the final issue of Mal Practice. And I was right. Brandon Seifert keeps exploring the elements that make of Witch Doctor a unique character and...

Fashion Beast # 9 - Moore, Johnston Percio

Celestine, Le Patron, the unrivaled leader of the fashion industry is also a frail man... introverted, brooding, indecisive, intellectual but ineffectual in the practical aspects of life... It is...

Jupiter’s Legacy # 1 - Mark Millar Frank Quitely

1929. The Wall Street Crash. The richest men of the US lose their fortunes in a day. The working class loses absolutely everything. The country is in ruins. “America was the greatest idea in human...

Héroes - Marcos Palacios (Juan Parra del Riego)

catálogo de la muestraHace tres años, en una de las animadas inauguraciones de la galería Yvonne Sanguineti, mi amiga Paola Tejada me presentó a Marcos Palacios. Yo entonces era una figura nueva...

Young Avengers # 4 - Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie

I am passionate about comics.

May comic books / cómics de mayo

I am passionate about comics.

Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth - Ken Kristensen M.K. Perker

I am passionate about comics.