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Arion, who is either from Chile or New York (it’s not really clear) writes a blog that the Outhouse steals on a regular basis.  Arion is by far the nicest of all the staff writers and the most well behaved only having been banned from one country.  One thing we really appreciate about Aroin is that he writes his reviews in English and Spanish and we hope someday he’ll translate this blurb for us.  We’re not so good at languages, just look at how well we write in English if you need proof.  You should bookmark Arion’s blog - – and actually look at it.  There will be a quiz at the end of every month.


Jorge Tacla - Doble vida (Galería Lucía de la Puente)

I am passionate about comics.

Fashion Beast # 8 - Alan Moore Facundo Percio

I am passionate about comics.

The Secret Service # 6 - Mark Millar Dave Gibbons

The best spy of the British Crown is dead, and now it’s up to his nephew Gary to save not only England but the rest of the world as well.

Un día en la vida - REVE (Galería Enlace)

I am passionate about comics.

April Comic Books / Cómics de abril

I am passionate about comic books.

Young Avengers # 3 - Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie

The impossible return of Teddy Altman’s mother is not an isolated incident. In fact, Loki is visited by his father, Laufey, king of the frost giants. Certainly, Laufey died centuries ago at the...

Escorzos - Ricardo Cassinelli (Corriente Alterna)

Eugenio RaborgYou can be absent, and yet in a way you are with me. Someone can exist in our memory and in the possibility of their return. If there is no one around you it doesn’t mean that you...

Uncanny Avengers # 5 - Rick Remender Olivier Coipel

John Cassaday: iconic cover / John Cassaday: portada icónica  When I visited New York in 2000, I stumbled onto a very special issue of The Avengers. It was issue # 27, it was a ‘100...

Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 6 - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The 4th Child / El cuarto niño Much in the same way that we remember our childhood, however happy or sad it might have been, we...

Detrás del espejo - Lucy Angulo Lafosse (Galería Yvonne Sanguineti)

Les roseaux sauvages (1994)Directed by André Téchiné  In the past, director André Téchiné has relentlessly pursued complex subjects. His films don't pander to the audience, nor do they...