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Angela Jones

Angela Jones, aka Alima, is a longtime fan of the comic book world and the magnificent minds behind the creations. Always an admirer and full of questions, Angela uses her natural gift of gab and inquisitive nature to speak with the CB community. She dares you to try and catch her interviewing creators at Cons, but you’ll have a better chance reading about it here. You can also follow Angela’s questionably valuable Con knowledge, random rants, cello talk, and occasional belly dance tweets @AlimaDusana.


Interview with 'Yi Soon Shin' creator Onrie Kompan

Video Interview (and transcript for those that can't watch a vid at the moment) with writer behind the historical fiction graphic novel: Yi Soon Shin

WonderCon Interview with Khang Le on Hawken Genesis

We got a chance to sit down with one of the creators behind the graphic novel- Hawken Genesis at Wondercon and talk to him about the book.

WonderCon Interview with Matt Kindt, creator of Mind MGMT

We got a chance to talk with Mind MGMT's Matt Kindt at Wondercon about his book being turned into a movie and what's next for the comic.