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Luke Anthony is the suburban rockstar you haven’t heard of yet. He responded to a call bellowing from the depths of Reddit. He’s writer and a reader. A husband & a craft-beer drinker. A father, and a dreamer. A musician and a thinker. Friendly and all-together weird, he cannot grow a beard, though he’s too old to have an excuse. He rhymes lousy words, making him sound absurd, and probably a little obtuse.

Luke loves comics & new friends, it’s a blessing and a curse. So make sure to find him on Facebook or the Twitterverse.

Outta-the-way, Dobby, Top Cow Has a New House-Elf to Love

If you didn't love bottom-tooth grins before, you will now.

Marvel Gets Super Jelly when OSSM Comics One-Ups Them on Diversity

OSSM goes religion/black/female, Marvel goes blackmail.

Murder Art, Kickass Kickstarters - Stillborn: The First Zombie

Stillborn: The First Zombie likes to play with his food.

Finally Brought to Kickstarter: Not So Super Comics

Kickstarter makes everything better.

Did it Kick Ass? Kickstarter Follow-up: Shattered with Curve of Horn

I doubt you've read anything quite like this before.

Free Gritty Noir Review: Lil

'Slap your mama' grit for your pleasure.

Non-3D, Non-gimmicky Special Edition Preview - Monomyth #1-3

Things just got fictionally...biblical.

A Magnificent Fart: The Woods #1 Review

Prepare yourself for blueballs.

Hungry for More - The Smörgåsbord Squad #1 Review

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a bacon man with a bacon mustache!