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Luke Anthony is the suburban rockstar you haven’t heard of yet. He responded to a call bellowing from the depths of Reddit. He’s writer and a reader. A husband & a craft-beer drinker. A father, and a dreamer. A musician and a thinker. Friendly and all-together weird, he cannot grow a beard, though he’s too old to have an excuse. He rhymes lousy words, making him sound absurd, and probably a little obtuse.

Luke loves comics & new friends, it’s a blessing and a curse. So make sure to find him on Facebook or the Twitterverse.

Egos - Superhero Sci-fi Waffles - Minus the Waffles

Invincible meets Galactus meets Fifth Element

TOP 5 New Series from Image: February

Image puts out more new comics than you can shake a longbox at, but which ones are the best?

Firefly is Back - Sort Of. Review of Serenity #1

Joss Whedon's brother Zach takes the weight of the long dead show, and places it on his shoulders for all of us poor souls.

Pretty Awesome...Er...Pretty Deadly #4

East of West > Pretty Deadly = The Prestige > The Illusionist

Black Dynamite : A Parody of Funk

"Gorilla Pimp living large ‘cause living small ain’t living at all!"

Battles in the Afterlife: The Occultist #4 Review

A fight to the death with the dead and the non-corporeal.

Behind the Veil of Kickstarter Project - Curse of the Vessel - Interview with Michael Leal

If 3 lefts make a right, 3 Mikes make a Kickass Paranormal Crime Noir.

Kickass Kickstarter Projects: Curse of the Vessel

Lost souls get their hay day.

Clones Just Got Real: Darth Vader #1 Preview & Review

"All clones began life in the same way, but that is where they started to become different."

Something Terrible: Sure to be Award Winning

In so little words, hope is instilled, in the midst of Something Terrible.