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Jeffrey Kromer

Jeff Kromer was born in the year of our Lord 1980. The son of a boxcar tramp and Miss Nebraska 3rd Runner Up 1974 he distinguished himself early in life as “one of those guys who’s really good at carnival games”. After a failed bid for Sooner County Indiana FFA President he went into seclusion for 9 years. He emerged post NuHostess and began writing comic book reviews. He is a sousaphone enthusiast.

Gold & Talking Dinosaurs: A Midas Flesh #1 Review

Is Cooper a good name for a Space Dinosaur? Of course it is.

Marvel Comics Next Big Announcement Announcement!

Marvel Entertainment and Axel Alonso are excited to tell us about telling us something!

Recycled Vengeance: A Dead Body Road Review

Dead Body Road is best enjoyed before you have seen any movie ever.

Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #1 Review

The guy who wrote Superman: Grounded continues the worst Terminator movie. How could this go wrong?

Stack Month Part 3 (TPB Reviews)

I've fallen behind you say? It's December now? I shall forge ahead regardless!

I Shall Ford the WorldSea Upon My Mighty Nation-Turtle: A Black Science #1 Review

I sure hope they're called "Nation-Turtles". I made that one up but it seemed apt.

Stack Month Part 2 (TPB Reviews)

This was poorly planned. But lets review some stuff anyway!

Historical Fiction And Exploding Heads: A Uber Vol. 1 Review

Jeff Kromer reviews the first volume of Kieron Gillen's super-powered WWII epic.

Crazed Superhero Survival Horror: A Leaving Megalopolis Review

Lotta buzzwords in that article title. Anyway. Jeff Kromer reviews Gail Simone's Kickstarter book.

Unity #1 is a Disappointing Misstep from Valiant

Jeff Kromer wanted to like Unity #1, and he might have if it had been X-O Manowar #19.