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He was born in the swamps of Louisiana, where he spent his days punching gators in the crotch and funneling gumbo til his eyes bled. Then one day, a powerful foreign entity dragged him across several state lines, and tethered him to the Colorado Rockies, where he lives in perpetual fear of freezing to death and there is nary a gator crotch in sight for punching. Now he hides inside, dreading snow flurries, and hammering away reviews and non-nonsensical ramblings for the outhouse overlords (cuz apparently someone saw fit to lord over outhouses). 

Bondage and Beatdowns: Memory Collector's Review

Metron3 loves him some leather.

King Conan Volume 6 - A Death in Stygia - Conan Battles Bureaucracy!

King Conan just wants to bludgeon a bear, but he has to file all these bloody forms first!

Suicide Risk 6 : The Reviewing!

Villains: some of them are just 2D rambling fools!

Review: Sin Titulo

Within these pages lies a bit of madness, and a ton of head scratching.

Valiant – Nostalgia-ing us into Submission

Valiant is bobbing and weaving in an innovative attempt to break that 1% market share.

Review: Star Wars Shadow of Yavin TPB

Ships go boom, and Vader sparkles like never before in this new review by CajunBean.

Advance Review: Cyber Force Issue 6

Daniel Redondo reviews a rapidly rusting issue of Cyber Force. The sterling shine of the opening free arc is starting to fade.