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Joe Toeben

Listen: Joe is a cranky old man unstuck in time. He spends most of his time reading, writing and perfecting the art of 7 Little Words. When he isn't doing one of the previous things, he’s likely to be enjoying a soccer match, a fine episode of television or napping with his two dogs. You can follow his inane actions and rants on his twitter @toejben.

Better Late Than Never Review: Rat Queens #2

The Rat Queens bloody up an ogre.

Review: Saga #14

What will happen when Marko and Alana finally meet their idol, author D. Oswald Heist?

Review: Venezia #1

Revenge is a dish best served in dark alleys.

Review: Buzzkill #1

Drugs and alcohol make some addicts feel like superheros. How does it affect Ruben as he struggles with his addiction to his super powers?

A Look Back at...Daredevil: Yellow

After Matt Murdock's father is murdered in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, he takes to the skies as newly formed acrobatic hero Daredevil.