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Tim Midura

Born in the frozen tundra of Massachusetts, Tim Midura has long possessed a love for comic books and records. After stealing the beard of Zeus and inventing the pizza bagel, a much more heavily tattooed and bearded Tim Midura has finally settled in San Diego. Find him on twitter, facebook or by email.

Well I Did Have Furi-Os For Breakfast!: Furious #4!

Furious and Perfidia throw down!

The Boy Genius Returns: Dexter's Laboratory #1!

The Dreamwish-O-Tron 5000!

The History of Dwarves-The Short Version: Skullkickers #26!

Tree Trunk Dwarves and Corn Dwarves.

Utilizing Stealth and Discretion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #33!

The Turtles return to NYC to prepare for The Foot!

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #35!

The penultimate issue before the relaunch sees four stories come to their conclusions!

Samurai Jacqueline and The Scotswoman Meet Cuhullin The Cool: Samurai Jack #7!

They're jealous of yer vertical superiosity!

Snubfighter Maintenance and Security Drills: Star Wars #16!

I've dabbled, sweetheart. -Han Solo

Advance Review: Madame Frankenstein!

Can Vincent Krall finally get the girl of his dreams?

The Guardians of the Globe vs The Lizard League! Invincible Universe #12

Humanity isn't a prerequisite for heroism.