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Elf With a Gun

Elf With a Gun appeared in several Marvel comics of the 70s and 80s, most notably harassing The Defenders and Spider-Man, before being abducted by Steve Gerber for use as a foil against Destroyer Duck. After wandering the wastelands of Forgotten Comic Character Limbo, he hitched a ride on the ThanosCopter and now resides at the Outhouse, bringing his snark, elf hat, pointy shoes, and very big gun to a new generation of comic readers. His Give-A-Fuck quotient is stuck at zero. 

Marvel To Relaunch Golden Oldie?

In response to recent market research, the company plans to develop another unused female character.

The Top Five Comics To Burn This Winter

As the Polar Vortex rages on across much of the country, here are our Top Five recommendations for alternative heating.

Bleeding Cool Changes Format, And What Happened Next WIll Shock You!

Shocking the comics Blogosphere, Bleeding Cool begins featuring mindless and insipid Top Five lists.

Matt Fraction's Twitter Hacked By Teenaged Spambot?

46,000 followers don't seem to notice as the Hawkeye scribe's account spews unintelligible gibberish.

Bram Stoker Awards Unaware of Horror Comics

Shockingly, members of the Horror Writers Association were only able to name five horror comics published in 2013.

Adair Launches Coup at The Beat

Shocking the comics world, The Beat features an article about comic books.