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Bryant Thomas

Bryant Thomas is far too over attached to his dog, Dexter. He talks to him. Confesses to him. But most of all, he reads comics to him. When Bryant isn't working for the energy industry, helping companies figure out what to buy to make them profitable, he reaches for a new trade or drools over all of the insane JH Williams art in Batwoman's early issues. Growing up in Texas has given Bryant a very complex palate to BBQ Sauces, ranch dressing, and the occasional whiskey. His free-time is filled with panels and panels, and even more panels as he writes reviews for the wonderful institution that is, The Outhouse. 

Review: Copperhead #2

Space-Western-Murder-Mystery. Read it.

Review: The Names #1

The Names has a familiar storyline and some compelling art, but can't seem to avoid mediocrity.

Review: God Hates Astronauts #1

Absurdity runs rampant in this ridiculously entertaining comic.

Review: Sundowners #1

Sundowners is your prescription for a refreshing superhero tale.

Review: The Devilers #2

The Devilers #2 has caught my eye...OF THE BEAST! OY VEY!

Howtoons [Re]ignition #1

The Anarchist Cookbook. FOR KIDS!

Fatale #24 Review

Fatale comes to an end that just feels oh so good.

The Death Defying Doctor Mirage #1 Review

The Doctor Mirage reboot defies most of the tropes but still feels too familiar

Death may not be permanent: Robin Rises: OMEGA

The possible return of your favorite jerk-Robin begins now!

A fantastical fish out of water romp: Rise of the Magi #2 Review

Enchanted meets Legend in this Saturday-Morning-Cartoon fantasy comic.