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Bryant Thomas

Bryant Thomas is far too over attached to his dog, Dexter. He talks to him. Confesses to him. But most of all, he reads comics to him. When Bryant isn't working for the energy industry, helping companies figure out what to buy to make them profitable, he reaches for a new trade or drools over all of the insane JH Williams art in Batwoman's early issues. Growing up in Texas has given Bryant a very complex palate to BBQ Sauces, ranch dressing, and the occasional whiskey. His free-time is filled with panels and panels, and even more panels as he writes reviews for the wonderful institution that is, The Outhouse. 

The Death Defying Doctor Mirage #1 Review

The Doctor Mirage reboot defies most of the tropes but still feels too familiar

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The possible return of your favorite jerk-Robin begins now!

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Hey battuh battuh suh-wing battuh

Review: Fatale #23

Fatale nears its end by going balls deep into the cosmos.

Review: The Empty Man #1

Cullen Bunn continues his streak of great titles with a horror-noir that guarantees to creep you out.

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C.O.W.L. treads familiar territory but the art keeps things engaging.

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A great second serving of deep fried, deep South crime drama.

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Zero continues to give zero reasons to drop this title.