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Robert Morris

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Monkey Movie Review: The Wrestler

Howdy folks! Your very own Head Monkey In Chief here, with a Monkey Movie Review!  This time, The Lord of the Monkeys reviewed Darren Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER!  

The Third Book of Kong

OR "Divine Right: The Lineage of Max Power"

Ask The Ape: Gods, Virgins, One Night Stands… and Infection!

Hello once again, Children of Kong! After far too long of a hiatus, the Lord of the Monkeys has returned, so as to share the wisdom of the Ape with you. Since we have a LOT of questions this time...

Ask the Ape- The Immortal Stan Lee, Forgotten Heroes, and a Special Guest Star!

Welcome back everyone! The Lord of the Monkeys was just sitting here, enjoying a glass of scotch and smoking a fine cigar, and wondering what his beloved subjects have on their minds! What say we...

Ask the Ape: Halo of the Outsiders, Baby May, and Julius Schwartz Monkeyin’ Around

So, we made it to the second column! I hope that you appreciated and enjoyed the wisdom of Almighty Kong imparted unto you last time. But it wasn’t enough: it’s never enough. And so you...

Ask the Monkey: Omniman, the Truth about the Spectre, and Daredevil Shining His Club

Welcome to the first installment of that most glorious of columns, Ask The Ape. Yes, the Lord of the Monkeys is here to explain to you humans things which might have escaped you in the past. Any...