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Keb Ellis

Keb Ellis is the Outhouse’s first columnist. He enjoys lying on his bed and reading comics while listening to records, but gets frustrated when he has to get up off the bed to flip the record. In addition to writing Peeing in Your Shower, the Outhouse’s most serious column ever, he serves as an editor for upcoming ace reporters. He will also be hosting a new vinyl review video show for the Outhouse (project tentative). He lives in Toronto and has a taco terrier named Phife. He cannot dunk a basketball ... yet! Beautiful single women between the ages of 20 and 35 can follow him on Twitter, where is he known to make an ass of himself on a regular basis.


the VINYL file episode 1: Welcome 2

The first episode of Keb's no-budget vinyl review is here! Episode one features records from Gangrene, Japandroids and I-Self Devine.

Peeing in Your Shower: The Superhero Police Procedural - Gotham Central

Keb takes a look at Gotham Central and how it combines the police procedural with superheroics.

Peeing in Your Shower: The Anti-Social City in the Dark Knight Returns

Keb takes a look at the actions of Gotham City in Frank Miller's Bat-masterpiece.

When Heroes Rouse the Writer - Deconstructing Daredevil: Wake Up

Twigg explores the themes of Bendis' earliest work for Marvel and how it mirrors his journey as a writer of superhero comics.

Peeing in Your Shower: Missing the Mark - Spider-Man & Todd McFarlane

This week, Keb revisits childhood memories and examines the writing in Todd McFarlane's short-lived 90's Spider-Man run.

It Girl & the Atomics #1 & #2 Review

Ragnarok Hudson takes a fresh look at the new Image series from Jamie S. Rich and Mike Norton.

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Marvel Knights Spider-Man

This week, Keb continues his look at how writers break superheroes with a reading of Mark Millar's work on the Wall Crawler.

Star Wars: the Clone Wars Season 5 Premier Advanced Review

Outhouse ace reporter Chris Girolamo gets a sneak peak at the first episode of the hit show's latest season and offers up a spoiler-free review for anxious fans!

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Daredevil

This week, Keb takes a look at two very important Daredevil stories and compares the newer as homage to the latter.

Neil Gaiman Claims that Kanye West Did Not Write Sandman

Famous Novelist Neil Gaiman claims that Rapper/Producer Kanye West did not in fact write critically acclaimed comic series.