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Keb Ellis

Keb Ellis is the Outhouse’s first columnist. He enjoys lying on his bed and reading comics while listening to records, but gets frustrated when he has to get up off the bed to flip the record. In addition to writing Peeing in Your Shower, the Outhouse’s most serious column ever, he serves as an editor for upcoming ace reporters. He will also be hosting a new vinyl review video show for the Outhouse (project tentative). He lives in Toronto and has a taco terrier named Phife. He cannot dunk a basketball ... yet! Beautiful single women between the ages of 20 and 35 can follow him on Twitter, where is he known to make an ass of himself on a regular basis.


The Office to End with Season 9

Executive Producer confirms that the popular white-collar workplace sitcom will be ending with Season 9.

Peeing in Your Shower: Ink Stained Honesty

This week, Keb takes an honest look at Jim Mahfood's autobiographical webcomic Los Angeles Ink Stains.

Peeing in Your Shower: Taking Comics Seriously - Jack Kirby's Fourth World

Keb takes his final super-serious look at comics, taking a serious look into Jack Kirby's Fourth World.

Peeing in Your Shower: Taking Comics Seriously - Chew

Keb continues his look at taking comics seriously (since comics are seriously serious) by examining a comic that gets serious about food: Chew!

Download No Idols from Domo Genesis & Alchemist

Super-producer Alchemist and Odd Future MC Domo Genesis release a free mixtape and the Outhouse has a hook up (not really)...

Peeing in Your Shower: Taking Comics Seriously - All Star Batman & Robin

After some 3 years away, Keb returns with new material for the Outhouse's historic column.

Peeing in Your Shower: Hellboy, Satan & Free Will

One last look at a previous Peeing in Your Shower column, this time dealing with Hellboy and the Satan character from Milton's Paradise Lost.

Peeing in Your Shower: Deviating the Plot - Local

Another blast from the past! In this piece, Keb takes a look (and a snipe) at Brian Wood's Local and where the series went right and wrong.

Peeing in Your Shower: Reinvigorating the Spy - Casanova

Another look back at previous PiYS columns. This one is about Casanova and its effect on the spy genre.

Peeing in Your Shower: Having Sex with Alan Moore

In preparation for the re-launch of the Outhouse's first column "Peeing in Your Shower", Keb is posting his favorite past columns to give new readers an idea of what it's all about!