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Keb Ellis

Keb Ellis is the Outhouse’s first columnist. He enjoys lying on his bed and reading comics while listening to records, but gets frustrated when he has to get up off the bed to flip the record. In addition to writing Peeing in Your Shower, the Outhouse’s most serious column ever, he serves as an editor for upcoming ace reporters. He will also be hosting a new vinyl review video show for the Outhouse (project tentative). He lives in Toronto and has a taco terrier named Phife. He cannot dunk a basketball ... yet! Beautiful single women between the ages of 20 and 35 can follow him on Twitter, where is he known to make an ass of himself on a regular basis.


Your Top Marvel Villains part 35

A trio of characters, two X-related and one Spidey related. Again, one of these characters I figured would be in the Top 50, but alas, he did not.


Your Top Marvel Villains part 23

Welcome to the Top 100 folks, you made it this far now only 133 more villain before we get to your Top Marvel Villain voted by you.

Your Top Marvel Villains part 16

We have our first Herald and a couple of X-femme Fatales!


Peeing in Your Shower: The Twelve Days of Alan Moore (day two)

Day Two – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen