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Interview: Brian LaBelle Talks the Petition to Erect a Wolverine Statue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It's the Canadian sensation that's blowing up the internet, and we've got the man behind it all right here on The Outhouse!

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Showrunners Do Best to Appear to Be Answering Questions Before Season Finale

In an interview on CBR, the venerable Joss Whedon's brother and Joss Whedon's brother's wife answer fourteen fan questions without revealing any useful information whatsoever!

Preorder Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray Now, Find Out When it Comes Out Later

Amazon has the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray and DVD available for preorder.

Details on X-Men: Apocalypse Revealed, Including Possible Recasting

Simon Kinberg provides ambiguous answers to all your burning questions!

Gotham Debuts to 8 Million Viewers, 3.2 Rating

It was a strong series opener for Fox and DC's Batman without Batman show.

Marvel Cancels Future Milo Manara Variants in Wake of Spider-Woman-Gate

At least two upcoming Milo Manara variants have been canceled after the negative reaction to the infamous Spider-Woman cover.

The Sequentialist, A New Cartoon Newspaper, Launches in Columbus, OH

Featuring a mix of local interest stories and syndicated strips, the Sequentialist made its debut in Columbus, OH last night.

Review: Gotham "Pilot"

A review of the pilot episode of the new Fox series.