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'Young Justice' Season 2 Soon to Deal Out Justice on Blu-Ray!!!

Warner Bros Archive Collection has announced that there are plans for a Season 2 Blu-Ray Set. And this time there WILL be special features!!!

Ratings Shocker: Half of SHIELD's Viewers This Week Reportedly Dogs Watching Television

It's a new low for the belaguered Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

NYCC Gives Into SJWs and Feminazis With New “Rules” Against “Harassment”

Is there any place left where it is safe for a man to be a man?

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Trailer

In the NuDCU animated universe, the shark jumps you!

New Release Spotlights for 1 Oct 2014!

What makes the cut this week?

Agents of SHIELD Inexplicably Still Hiring Actors to Appear in Future Episodes

Most recently, Marvel has cast Tim Dekay as Ward's elder brother.

I Am Not Scared!: Madame Frankenstein #6!

We know who you are.

Crisis Averted: Ebola Outbreak Actually Reactions To Reading Bendis Books

The confusion is understandable since both have similar consequences.

Not Sure How Much Longer I Can Justify This Hobby To My Wife: Batman Jumps To $5 An Issue

To be clear, this is not for an anniversary issue, this is the new regular price.