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Zechs is the lord and master of The Toy Shed, Character Spotlight, and Cartoon Reviews. He's also an aspiring comic book writer trying to get some of his works published on the Outhouse. If there's any greater quality to Zechs, it's that he's an avid fan of comic book characters and would defend them to the bitter end against the companies that use them wrongly. Zechs walks the lonely path in Chicagoland area.


"Godzilla Roar" Teases Something Tomorrow

Legendary Pictures teases something tomorrow with their release of their version of Godzilla's roar. Plus Empire Magazine's 'Godzilla' cover!!!

'Farscape' Movie Sequel in Development

This time it's an actually GOOD Sci-Fi series someone is trying to bring back.

Moment of the Week 2/19/14 *Spoilers*

The polls are open!

'Heroes' TV Show Reborn into a Mini-Series

The superhero themed series is returning to NBC with a mini-series set for release in 2015.

NECA Begins Poll on Future Figures For 'Pacific Rim' Line

Ever the fan-friendly company that they are, NECA has a poll asking fans of the movie which figures do they want to see in future waves from the bountiful supply of Kaiju and Jaegers?

Mission Accepted: 'Arrow' Recruits the Suicide Squad

The popular team of villains recruited by Amanda Waller to go on "suicide" missions will be showing up on Arrow March 19th.

'WAKFU' Kickstarter Annihilates Expectations With $483,524 Raised!!

The French animated cartoon's Kickstarter campaign for an English dub easily met its original goal and THEN SOME. What does this mean?

The Remaining Three Character Profiles for 'Star Wars: Rebels'

A Mandalorian, a Twi’lek, and who the heck knows (it's a new race) are the latest characters introduced as characters to the series.

SIZE DOES MATTER in New 'Godzilla' Poster

It's not a new trailer, but it whets our appetite for the movie.

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 2/19/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?