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Zechs is the lord and master of The Toy Shed, Character Spotlight, and Cartoon Reviews. He's also an aspiring comic book writer trying to get some of his works published on the Outhouse. If there's any greater quality to Zechs, it's that he's an avid fan of comic book characters and would defend them to the bitter end against the companies that use them wrongly. Zechs walks the lonely path in Chicagoland area.


Warner Bros. Show Off Previews of New 'Beware the Batman' Episodes

With only a week to go, Warner Bros. shows off a preview from the two unaired episodes of the series.

R.I.P. Campbell Lane 1935-2014

Though you may not recognize the name, the Canadian Actor's roles are famous in geekdom.

Moment of the Week 2/5/14 *Spoilers*

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'Blue Exorcist' Joins Toonami Block

The anime series will actually be arriving to us a lot sooner than it's original March date and now premiere on the animated action block on February 22.

Toonami Announces 'The Intruder Part 2'

The first Toonami-centric story to feature Toonami's hosts is getting a sequel, and the amount of interest will extent the special.

Teasers for Second 'Godzilla' Trailer Sighted

Though the trailer has been delayed until next week, two clips and a picture have been making the rounds on the internet.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man to End by #15?

A recently updated Amazon listing for the volume 2 trade now includes #15, along with artist Steve Lieber forecasting doom for the series unless sales pick up.

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 2/5/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?

Adult Swim Expands Into Primetime

The block of adult cartoon/programing on Cartoon Network expands to 8 pm (ET) starting March 31.

Moment of the Week 1/29/14 *Spoilers*

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