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Zechs is the lord and master of The Toy Shed, Character Spotlight, and Cartoon Reviews. He's also an aspiring comic book writer trying to get some of his works published on the Outhouse. If there's any greater quality to Zechs, it's that he's an avid fan of comic book characters and would defend them to the bitter end against the companies that use them wrongly. Zechs walks the lonely path in Chicagoland area.


Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 Soundtrack Coming from La La Land Records

A third volume featuring the scores of Shirley Walker & others from the classic Batman cartoon is coming from La La Land Records.

Phineas & Ferb: Night of the Pharmacists Clip

BEHOLD THE CLIP-INATOR!! It'll force you to watch clips for hours on end! MWHAAAAAA!!!! It'll also feature Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

'Young Justice' Season 2 Soon to Deal Out Justice on Blu-Ray!!!

Warner Bros Archive Collection has announced that there are plans for a Season 2 Blu-Ray Set. And this time there WILL be special features!!!

Moment of the Week 9/24/14 *Spoilers*

The polls are open!!!

Toonami Answers the Tough Questions in Tumblr Q&A

There's a lot of change on the horizon for the animated action block. Find out they had to say about what will happen to your favorite and upcoming shows!

Legend of Korra Book 4 Official Trailer

The official trailer to the FINAL season of Korra is here!!!

Comixology 'Barbara Gordon' Sale is Awfully Picky

The online comics distributor is having a 'Barbara Gordon' sale, but is kind of leaving out a good twenty-year chunk of history.

Optimus Prime Himself Wants Michael Bay Back for Transformers 5: The Search for More Money

Optimus is really pushing the "freedom is the right of all sentient beings" card as he voices his desire for the controversial childhood-ruining filmmaker to direct the next installment of the...

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 9/24/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?

Toonami: 'Beware the Batman' & 'Sym-bionic Titan' Bounced from Network

Both shows are leaving the animated block after THIS WEEK due to being "written off" by Cartoon Network.