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Zechs is the lord and master of The Toy Shed, Character Spotlight, and Cartoon Reviews. He's also an aspiring comic book writer trying to get some of his works published on the Outhouse. If there's any greater quality to Zechs, it's that he's an avid fan of comic book characters and would defend them to the bitter end against the companies that use them wrongly. Zechs walks the lonely path in Chicagoland area.


Moment of the Week 9/10/14 *Spoilers*

The polls are open!!!

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 9/10/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?

OP/ED: DC Does Something Right- The New 52 Debut of Cassandra Cain & Batgirl Legacy Restored.. Sort Of

Zechs talks about Batgirl: Future's End #1 and, in case you've been hiding under a rock, the return of a long-missed character, the introduction of a new one, and the restoration of a Legacy, sort...

'Rick and Morty' Season 2 Coming.. Next Summer!!!!!

The good news? MORE RICK AND MORTY!!! The bad news? We have to wait until the summer of 2015.

'Legend of Korra' Season 4 Premiere Date.. October 3rd?!

Yes, you read that right. October 3rd, as in THIS YEAR.

Moment of the Week 9/3/14 *Spoilers*

The polls are open!!!

New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Episode Finds Its Way Onto Internet & Zechs Rejoices

The leaked episode is just one big homage to greatest film ever made: Big Trouble in Little China. SQUEE!!!!!!

'The Legend of Korra' Book 4 Title Revealed: Balance

The fourth season's "Book" title has been revealed alogn with more news on the next season.

'Hellsing Ultimate' is Unleashed on Toonami

The popular OVA-series will premiere on the animated action block starting at 3 am (EST) NEXT Saturday night.

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 9/3/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?