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Jude Terror

Jude Terror is the Webmaster Supreme of The Outhouse and a sarcastic ace reporter dedicated to delivering irreverent comics and entertainment news to The Outhouse's dozens of loyal readers. Driven by a quest for vengeance, Jude Terror taught himself to program and joined The Outhouse. He instantly began working toward his goal of forcing the internet comics community to take itself less seriously and failing miserably.  Ironically, our webmaster, whose website skills know no end, has very little understanding of social networks or how they work.  Regardless, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, but would probably have the most luck just emailing him.


News From the Future: Humanity Wiped Out By Marvel's J.A.R.V.I.S. Mobile AI App

The Outhouse brings you news from the year 2068! You heard it here first!

Exclusive: More Vague, Obvious Information About DC's Band-Aid Event Revealed!

We're not going to let Bleeding Cool have all the fun!

Nintendo Announces Steampunk Strategy Game Inspired By Silver Age Comic Book Art for 3DS

Code Name S.T.E.A.M. features a team assembled by Abraham Lincoln to fight aliens.

Legend of Korra Book 3 Official Trailer Released

Catch a glimpse of Zuko and see how the world has changed since Korra's battle with Unalaq!

New Documentary Film to Celebrate Ninja Turtles History Before Michael Bay Destroys It

The new documentary from Paramount will serve as a preemptive eulogy for the franchise Michael Bay plans to destroy with his movie.

Amazon Stops Taking Pre-Orders for Warner Bros. Movies

The tactic is part of Amazon's ongoing war with suppliers.

Marvel Shocks Hollywood By Releasing Gamora Character Poster Without Gratuitous Butt Shot

A new movie poster for Guardians of the Galaxy does not reveal Zoe Saldana's posterior.

Marvel Announces Deathlok Series, Hoping to Capitalize on the Success of Agents of SHIELD

So basically, the series will barely avoid cancellation and wait ten issues for a movie tie-in to get interesting.

After Getting Taste of Limelight, Bill Watterson Can't Stop Producing New Work

The Calvin and Hobbes creator will draw the poster for French comic con Angoulême Festival, as well as write the intro for IDW's Puck Magazine retrospective.

Tom DeFalco's Band-Aid Event to Cover DC's Festering Wound

More details have been revealed about the event that will take place while DC moves to Burbank.