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Korean Spider-Man Statue Banned for Spider-Boner

The year-old statue was removed after pictures aroused too much interest on social media.

Yeah, So, That Was Totally Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Secretly Drawing Pearls Before Swine

The beloved but reclusive cartoonist created new art for three Pearls Before Swine comic strips this week.

George R. R. Martin, Michael Douglas, 22 Jump Street Directors Decry Edgar Wright's Ant-Man Departure

Pretty much everyone can see it was stupid of Marvel to drive Wright off a movie he worked on for eight years.

Marvel Shocker: Ellis and Shalvey Discuss Leaving Moon Knight Run, Shalvey to Take Break from Monthly Comics

If you're looking for closure on this issue, we can give you some of that.

Emily Blunt May Be Catwoman!

Blunt is rumored to be in talks for the role in Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice.

DC Releases Batman 75th Anniversary Timeline Only Viewable on 120 Inch Monitors

That way, no one will be able to read it and find ways to complain about its poor choices.

3D About to Get Even Gimmickier With Guardians of the Galaxy

If only they could figure out how to put chromium hologram variant covers on movies.