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Gal Gadot Now Officially Too Buff to Play Wonder Woman

The actress has been hitting the weights too hard, changing sexist fan complaints from "not buff enough" to "way too buff."

Nascar Fans Brace for Impact as Captain America Set to Grand Marshal Daytona 500

While some fans are excited to see the legendary superhero, most just don't want to get blown up by supervillains

Fed Releases Two New Star Wars Rebel Teaser Trailers to Spur Unique Hit Growth

In an effort to jumpstart the unique hit economy, the Fed has released two character-focused trailers for Star Wars Rebels.

Fanboy Rampage: Rich Johnston vs. Dan Slott

Slott took issue with Johnston's spoiling of Batman #28. Lots of passive aggressive arguing ensued.

Valentines Day Turns Ugly When Man Admits Preference for Wolverine Over Cyclops

One unlucky couple will be spending the holiday alone thanks to a disagreement over comic books.

Pining and Swooning Rich Johnston Sends Valentine to Alex Segura

The Bleeding Cool rumormonger has a special message for the DC Comics publicist.

Man Prepared to Spend Sexy Valentines Day With Zenescope Comic Book

The man has planned an extravagant date for his lover, a copy of Clash of Queens #1 from Zenescope Entertainment.

Image Producing Stray Bullets Comics Willy Nilly

The company will simultaneously release Stray Bullets #41, Stray Bullets: Killers #1, and the Stray Bullets Über Alles Edition omnibus on March 12.

Misogynist Comments Claim Elizabeth Olson Not Attractive Enough for Scarlet Witch Costume

Continuing the trend of questioning the "hotness" of any woman cast in a superhero movie, new comments suggest the Avengers: Age of Ultron actress can't pull off the classic Scarlet Witch...

Mega Double Dog Exclusive Preview of Superman: Doomed #1

The Outhouse has obtained an exclusive preview of May's Superman crossover event. Suck it, CBR!