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And So It Begins... Game of Thrones to Get Longer Episodes in Season 3

The popular HBO fantasy and incest drama will feature multiple extended episodes in the upcoming season.

Will CM Punk Write Punisher for Marvel?!

CM Punk is pitching story ideas to write a comic book, possibly starring The Punisher.

DC Confirms Loss of Rights to The Spirit, Doc Savage, Other Heroes No One Wants to Read About

It has been suspected since DC cancelled its First Wave line of comics a few years ago, but Dan Didio has confirmed that DC no longer holds the rights to these pulp heroes.

Gerard Way's Fabulous Killjoys Launches in June 2013 at Dark Horse

The Umbrella Academy creator's sci-fi epic will be published next year!

DC Caves to Nonexistent Pressure, Tones Down Violence in Comics

In response to a lack of complaints about the violence in their comic books, DC Comics is rumored to be vowing to clean up their act.

Marvel Digital Subscription Service Beta Launches for iOS

Onward into the digital age with Marvel Comics... if a little slowly.

Marvel Executive Reveals Motivation Behind Marvel NOW! Series Renumbering

Marvel SVP of Sales David Gabriel explains why Marvel decided to reboot some of their longest running series.

Totally Indifferent Slow News Day Roundup for Friday 12/14/2012

Jude terror takes a completely uninterested look at the comics news this morning. Now where's his goddamn coffee?!

Fabian Nicieza Discovers Secrets of Eternal Life, Offers to Share with Stan Lee

The Batwing writer congratulated Stan Lee on his 65th wedding anniversary, and then made a shocking revelation about his newfound occult powers.

Massive Price Cuts Expected for Comic Book Industry for One Day Only

Diamond Comics has released a list of thirty-eight comics that will be given away for free on May 4th, 2013. It's a veritable "free comic book day!"