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Marvel Ups Digital Ante, Includes Digital Download Codes with Marvel NOW! Hardcovers

Alright, we have to admit, this is pretty cool. Marvel will offer digital downloads for free with all Marvel NOW! Premiere Hardcovers!

Submit or Perish: Who Will Return from Age of Ultron?

A new Marvel teaser series hints that not everyone will make it out of Age of Ultron alive. The first two teasers show Red Hulk and Black Widow.

Michael Berryman Returns in Nova First Look from Marvel

The actor makes a late career comeback reprising his role as a high school principle in Marvel's new Nova ongoing.

Grand Theft Auto V Headed to PC?

The PC version of GTA V has been listed for preorder on the French version of

LoganCrunching: Wolverine Numbers on Decline After Yearly High?

The number of times Wolverine was mentioned in the Marvel solicits is only 50 this month, down one from last month's high of 51.

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for April 2013

Check out what's shipping from Marvel in April of 2013 with the monthly solicits! What's canceled? What ties into Age of Ultron? Read on to find out!

Francesco Francavilla to Fill In on Hawkeye

Francesco Francavilla will take over art duties on Hawkeye for issue #10 and #12, and we have absolutely nothing funny to say about it.

One of These X-Men is a Traitor... But Who the Hell Are These X-Men?

Marvel released a teaser for Uncanny X-Men which alleges that one of the characters in the image is a traitor.

Shenanigans at Platinum Studios (Cowboys and Aliens)

The company, whose sole purpose appears to be to make Cowboys and Aliens stuff, held a drama-filled conference call.

Marvel First Look at Age of Ultron Reveals Return of Foil Covers

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.