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Comic Book Readers Not Sure What to Do With Jan's Atomic Heart and Other Stories

The upcoming collection of short stories from Simon Roy (PROPHET) and Image Comics proves utterly baffling to most comic book readers.

DC Spoils Ending of Own Printable Puzzles

The company has released a line of free, printable puzzles on its website, but a quick glance at the page reveals the completed puzzles, spoiling the surprise of putting them together.

Eastman and Laird Return to TMNT as 30 Year Anniversary Makes Everyone Feel Old as Hell

Fans are excited for the reunion of the original creative team, but feeling somewhat melancholy thanks to the reminder of their own pending mortality.

Producers Unable to Locate Hayden Panetteire for Heroes Reunion

No one has seen the tiny actress in months, causing friends and family to believe she may have shrunk to subatomic levels.

Valiant Full Monthly Solicitations for May 2014

What's Valiant got planned for May? Find out here.

Matt Ryan is NBC's Constantine

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback will star as John Constantine in the upcoming NBC TV adaptation of the DC comic.

Hollywood Rumor Machine Dangles Lebron James Space Jam 2 Then Takes It Away

The internet mourns the loss of one of the biggest easy joke targets since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

Download A Voice in the Dark #1 for Free From Top Cow - Could You Do Any Less?

Do you like free stuff? Do you like college co-eds? Do you like... MMMMMMMMMMMMMURDER?!

AMC to Darabont on Walking Dead Lawsuit: Nuh Uh!

AMC has denied all claims of former Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont and asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Marvel Exec Destitute After Taking Reboot Frenzy Too Far

Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso is deeply in debt after applying the principles Marvel's constant reboot schedule to his personal life.