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Jude Terror is the Webmaster Supreme of The Outhouse and a sarcastic ace reporter dedicated to delivering irreverent comics and entertainment news to The Outhouse's dozens of loyal readers. Driven by a quest for vengeance, Jude Terror taught himself to program and joined The Outhouse. He instantly began working toward his goal of forcing the internet comics community to take itself less seriously and failing miserably.  Ironically, our webmaster, whose website skills know no end, has very little understanding of social networks or how they work.  Regardless, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, but would probably have the most luck just emailing him.


Outhouse News Team Writes Funniest Articles Ever During Server Outage

As the Outhouse suffered massive downtimes due to server issues at the end of last week, the world missed out on some of the funniest articles ever written.

This Just In: This Just In: Shanna Got Back

In this brand new episode of This Just In - Doctor Baby moves closer to being a man.. I don't know if it's wrong, but Doctor Baby getting an erection made me laugh. So there you have it. Great image...

Yeah, Sorry About That

The Outhouse is BACK, BABY!

Defenders Cancellation is All Wolverine's Fault

Matt Fraction's Defenders could have been a contender, if only Wolverine wasn't such a dick.

Ouch! Waid Lambastes Johns in Four Panels That Never Work

Check out this guest strip by Mark Waid on The Gutters, which parodies Wally Wood's 21 Panels that Always Work.

Deadpool Interview Combats Fluffy Perceptions of Comic Book Journalism

IGN's new two-page interview with Deadpool creators Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Tony Moore proves what a big boy website they are!

This Just In: Crybabies

In this brand new episode of This Just In - Butthurt Abounds When a Newsarama Article Unfairly Ranks a Sacred Cow. Read This Just In at The OuthouseOriginally Published...

Alf to be Replaced by CGI in Upcoming Film Adaptation

The lovable alien will be rendered in CGI in the upcoming movie from Sony Pictures and producer Jordan Kerner.

IDW Gives Readers Opportunity to Buy Judge Dredd Reprints Twice

In a brilliant strategy to increase sales, IDW will release Brian Bolland's Judge Dredd reprints twice - once in black and white, and once in color.

DC Wants Ben Affleck to Direct Justice League

Affleck, considered a major ally of DC Comics for his abysmal Daredevil movie, is being considered to direct Justice League.