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Meet Derek Maddalena, DC Comics' New SVP of Sales and Business Development

Hopefully he'll bring a fresh new perspective to... oh fuck it's another middle-aged white guy with a shaved head.

Marvel Planning to Trick Retailers into Stocking Future Quarter Bins With Death of Wolverine

The company will offer sales incentives for retailers ordering over 250% of their usual numbers.

Marvel Launching New Reality Show: Who Wants to Be An Ant-Man Director?

As Anchorman director Adam McKay drops out, Marvel is determined to find someone who will obey their corporate vision. Allegedly Doesn't Pay Creators, Kills Puppies, Dresses in Nazi Regalia; Mainstream Comics Media Doesn't Even Blink

Reports of unpaid creators continue to flood comics websites willing to pay attention.

Fantastic Four Blackout Rumor Picks Up Steam, Marvel Responds With Usual Vitriol

The somewhat ludicrous rumor that Marvel plans to cancel Fantastic Four and take all related characters out of its comics is actually looking more and more likely.

These are the Three Schlubs Rumored to Replace Edgar Wright on Ant-Man

They're really going for the comedy angle on this one.

DC Fires Major Shot in War on Print Comics, Stops Giving Comps to Staff

Instead, DC employees will get digital download codes.

Rich Johnston Claims Marvel is Canceling Fantastic Four to Spite Fox Over Movie Rights

Because the tiny niche of people who read comics will forget the franchise exists and not see the movie, obviously.

Wendy's to Offer Superman and Wonder Woman Toys with Kids Meals

Teach your kids some neck-snapping values as you feed them a heart-stopping dinner!

Clark Gregg to Be Disappointed if Clark Gregg Not Given Role in More Marvel TV Shows

In related news, Clark Gregg thinks Clark Gregg should get a few extra paychecks.