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Young Justice Will Shape the Future of Marvel NOW!

Black Fury has revealed another of his mysterious file cards: Young Justice!

What are the Next Seven Comics from Chris Roberson's Monkeybrain?

Seven new titles were announced from the revolutionary digital comics publisher at Comic Con, and the first one hit Comixology yesterday!

Marc Silvestri Cyber Force Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter for a free five issue Cyber Force comic book has launched. Get the details here!

It's 2AM - Do You Know Where Your Free Batman Earth One Digital Comic Is?

As of midnight EST, DC began offering the Batman Earth One Special Preview Edition for free on all digital comics platforms!

Ant-Man to Shape the Future of Marvel NOW!

The third teaser for Marvel NOW! Point One reveals Ant-Man as one of five characters who will shape the future of Marvel NOW!

The Walking Dead Kills [REDACTED] Again!

Not content with killing off [REDACTED] once, Robert Kirkman and Image Comics has sent The Walking Dead #100 back to press for a second helping!

Sunset from Gage and Lucas in Comic Shops Today, Prequel Trilogies to Follow Soon

Pick up the new graphic novel Sunset from Gage and Lucas before the co-creators decide to ruin it with unnecessary edits, nonsensical retcons, and a boring prequel.

Kickstart My Heart: The Bends

If you like Frank Miller's Daredevil or Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you should read on to learn more about Charles Pazos' The Bends!

TMNT Creator Kevin Eastman Has Public Mental Breakdown

Friends, family, and internet fanboys are likely very concerned after hearing of shocking remarks made by Eastman at San Diego Comic Con.

Ah-so! Yellow Peril Challenges ComicsAlliance to Samurai Duel over Iron Man 3 Whitewashing!

Yellow Peril took issue with ComicsAlliance assertation that the casting of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin was "acceptable whitewashing."